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FIS World Cup SpeedSki (1), Salla (FIN), 14th to 17th March 2010 (All Categories)
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Technical Delegate : Luc Cristina (SUI)Course Name : Arskan Rinne
Start Elev : 446 m
Finish : 249 m
High difference : 197 m
Length of course : 590 m
FIS Homolog. Nr 4471/149/95

Rank Bib Nb Name Country Speed*CategorySex Comment
1 Guenter FOIDL AUT 144.120DHS MenM
2 Reto EIGENMANN SUI 143.030DHS MenM
3 Markus MUENZER AUT 142.520DHS MenM
4 Gregory MEICHTRY SUI 142.410DHS MenM
6 Gerhard PEER AUT 140.790DHS MenM
7 Benja HEDLEY GBR 137.350DHS MenM
8 Pierre Andrť DELANSAY FRA 134.380DHS MenM
9 Arne LINDGREN SWE 131.430DHS MenM
10 Marc PONCIN GBR 121.090DHS MenM
1 Stefano BAR ITA 141.290DHS Men JuniorM
1 Ivan ORIGONE ITA 164.990Men S1M
2 Simone ORIGONE ITA 163.860Men S1M
3 Philippe MAY SUI 162.820Men S1M
4 Bastien MONTES FRA 162.020Men S1M
5 Finn Arne STAVIK NOR 161.730Men S1M
6 Daniel PERSSON SWE 160.790Men S1M
7 Neil MUNROE CAN 159.790Men S1M
8 Petri SUOMINEN FIN 157.410Men S1M
9 IsmaŽl DEVENES SUI 156.450Men S1M
10 Stephan SCHMID AUT 153.580Men S1M
11 Teemu SUOMINEN FIN 153.130Men S1M
12 Hiroshi KAWAMATA JPN 149.070Men S1M
13 Sverre MOSKAUG NOR 144.990Men S1M
1 Tracie SACHS USA 156.790Women S1F
2 Linda BAGINSKI SWE 155.440Women S1F
3 Karine DUBOUCHET REVOL FRA 153.980Women S1F
4 Elena BANFO ITA 152.280Women S1F
5 Lisa HOVLAND-UDEN SWE 151.130Women S1F
6 Emeli WOLFF SWE 149.250Women S1F

30 skiers in the list.

* all speeds in km/h

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